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Music is a magical portal that transports us to a time and a place of emotion.  Music is evocative and affirms our personal identity.  Music is a social activity that pulls us all together in movement and voice.  It is also a highly personal experience and that one song can matter so much to one person, can also mean very little to another.  

Music that matters is magical.

Music is an emotional language.  It sees us through the best and the worst of times.

It heals wounds of heartache.  It fires passion in hearts. Music calls people to take action from declaring our deepest love to demonstrating in the streets for peace and justice. 

There is not one moment in our lives that music has not touched.  Ceremonies and rites of passage are often centred around music.  We choose our favourite songs to dance at weddings.  We choose it for funerals.  Music is everywhere – even in our passing.

Those of us who are born hearing will hear the sounds from our mother’s womb – we feel the vibrations of sound through the amniotic fluid. This connection with sound vibration and music continues until it is said in death that the last thing to go in our body’s sensory perception is our hearingMusic Matters sessions are designed to discover what music matters most to the clients you are working with on a regular basis. This allows for the promotion of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Music Matters is a therapeutic and fun activity not just for clients but for staff as well. 

Music Matters founder Susi Briggs believes that Music Matters sessions should be a part of the activities programmes in care homes everywhere.

To follow Susi’s work with Music Matters please visit the Facebook page.

Inter-generational Music Sessions With Musicality Tots TGB Gatehouse.

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